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This page will include details about tools developed by members of the network.

Developed by members of the network

List of tools developed by members of the network:

  • R2O and ODEMapster (OEG-UPM): is an integrated framework for the formal specification, evaluation, verification and exploitation of the semantic mappings between ontologies and relational databases.
  • NOR2O (OEG-UPM): library for performing an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process for transforming the NOR (Non-Ontological Resources) components into ontology elements.
  • geometry2rdf (OEG-UPM): library for generating RDF files for geometrical information, which could be available in GML (Geographical Markedup Language)  or WKT (Well-known Text).
  • map4rdf (OEG-UPM): Google Maps viewer of RDF resources with Geometrical Information.
  • sitemap4rdf (OEG-UPM y DERI): tool for generating sitemap.xml files for Linked Data sites that have a SPARQL endpoint.
  • Vapour (Fundación CTIC): validator for linked data.
  • RDFaDeveloper (Fundación CTIC): plug-in of RDFa for Firefox.
  • SWAML y Buxon (Fundación CTIC): linked data tool for mailing lists.
  • RDFohloh (Fundación CTIC): linked data about free software.
  • Steamy (Fundación CTIC): linked data about Debian.
  • ReDeFer (GRIHO-UDL): The ReDeFer project is a compendium of RDF-aware utilities organised in a set of packages: RDF2HTML+RDFa, XSD2OWL, CS2OWL, XML2RDF and RDF2SVG.
  • RDF2RDFa (GRIHO-UDL): this tool converts RDF/XML (in the future also N3) content into RDFa snippets that can be easily pasted into existing XHTML Web pages. This is a very convenient way of providing GoodRelations-based e-commerce descriptions into RDF-aware search engines, namely Yahoo SearchMonkey.
  • Mosto (Universidad de Sevilla): visual tool for automatically generating SPARQL executable mappings among OWL ontologies that is based on correspondences and restrictions.
  • DTSBench (Universidad de Sevilla): a benchmark for testing semantic-web technologies that perform the data translation task.
  • Tabels (Fundación CTIC): is an R&D tool to make meaning of tabular data.
  • OOPS! - OntOlogy Pitfall Scanner! (OEG-UPM): OOPS! is a web-based tool, independent of any ontology development environment, for detecting potential pitfalls that could lead to modelling errors. This tool is intended to help ontology developers during the ontology validation activity, which can be divided into diagnosis and repair. Currently, OOPS! provides mechanisms to automatically detect a number of pitfalls, thus helps developers in the diagnosis activity.

In development by members of the network

To be completed.


Developed outside of the network

Android application access BizkaiaBus

Iker Perez has developed an Android application that accesses to the public data of the bus network BizkaiaBus. For more information:

Infocarretera web application for mobiles

Using the API Infocarretera, it has been developed a web application for mobile devices that allows querying the roads status of the Basque Country. For more information: