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Job announcement for MONDECA in Paris


Software and Service Company specialized in semantic technologies

Title: « Development of Semantic Web Applications in Real-World Use cases »

Technologies: Java, JS, RDF, SPARQL, Graph Databases


About Mondeca

Mondeca is software and Service Company specialized in semantic technologies established in Paris, France since 2000. Mondeca is one of the leading French SME companies for semantic technologies. Our software is designed to boost content management productivity, help deliver right content to the right audience at the right time and improve the way information is retrieved, analyzed and used through consistent, precise and relevant metadata. Mondeca has over 19 years of successful delivery to major customers in Europe and North America. We developed a pragmatic implementation methodology and accumulated substantial know-how in the key aspects of semantic technology implementation: ontology modeling, scalable ontology and taxonomy management, terminology alignment in different domains such as health care and media, reasoning, text mining, and search engines. Mondeca solutions have been successfully deployed in large organizations like NASA, AP-HP (hospitals in Paris), National Geographic Society, Agrovoc, United Nations World Tourism Organization, DODS Parliamentary Communications, etc. Our professional services assist our customers through the entire lifecycle of semantic technology implementation.


Mondeca’s solution « Smart Content Factory» is a pipeline consisting of a set of components for enterprise knowledge management workflow, from data acquisition to data visualization. SCF is able to manage large amounts of unstructured and business data with the help of semantic technologies and Knowledge Organization Systems. You will be in charge of maintaining and enriching the set of components, as well as designing visual interfaces and semantic applications based on clients’ requirements in our different projects. You will work in the development team collaborating with product managers and project leaders.

Internship Environment

  • Duration: 6 months (with the possibility to be hired for a permanent contract).
  • Technical environment : Java/J2EE, Web services REST, DBMS and/or Graph Stores, RDF stores and W3C semantic standards (OWL, RDF, SKOS, SPARQL)
  • Location : Paris. (center)
  • Compensation : French’s interns rate
  • Young team of 20 employees, with 6 working in the development team.

Requirements /Skills

  • Good knowledge in development ; autonomy, and creativity
  • Excellent skills in Java, and if possible experience with RDF(S)/OWL/SPARQL.
  • Experience on versioning and collaborative tools such as Maven, Git(lab/hub), etc.
Software Development Manager
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